سُـبْـحَـانَ لِلَّٰهِ

Glory be to Allah


 ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ

Praise be to Allah

Allahu Akbar

ألِلَّٰهِ أكبر

Allah is great

La ilaha illAllah

لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا ٱللَّٰهُ

There is no God except Allah


أَسْتَغْفِرُ اللّٰهَ

I seek forgiveness from Allah

Dhuhr Iqama

1:00 PM

2 Hours 56 Minutes
Prayer Start Iqama
Fajr 4:32 AM 5:00 AM
Sunrise 5:52 AM  
Dhuhr 12:25 PM 1:00 PM
Asr 3:36 PM 4:30 PM
Maghrib 6:57 PM After Sunset
Isha 8:12 PM 8:30 PM
Jumu’ah   1:00 PM

Executive Committee

Dr Shahead Chowdhury

Vice President 1
Naseer Nazir

Vice President 2
Dr Prashanta Mitra

Ferzana Khan

Assistant Secretary
Ashraf Motala

Addin Pranowo

Assistant Treasurer
Rezaul Miazi

Maintenance Officer
Ahab Mohideen

Social Service Officer
Abdi Musse Shirwa

Female Youth Leader
Faduma Abdi Musse

Male Youth Leader
Abdiaziz Hussein

Women’s Leader
Hera Oktadiana

Consultative Committee

Dr Ruhul Jamali

Mahamat Abdelkhani

Abdikarim Hussein

Ahmed Osman

Rubina Hussein

Society Subcommittees

Property Management
Led by Ahab Mohideen

Social Media
Led by Ferzana Khan

Led by Robiul Islam

Led by Dr Omer Shareef

Islamic Learning Program
Naseer Nazir

Islamic Study Circle
Led by Dr Omer Shareef

Led by Dr Mohamed Athiqur Rahman

Led by Tarif Ullah

Imam Recruitment
Led by Recruitment Panel & Consultative Committee

Various Committee Members

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Past Events & Projects

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Zoom Details

Weekly study circle on Zoom and at the Townsville Mosque every Wednesday from Maghrib until Isha time.

Meeting ID: 240 240 3578
Meeting Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2402403578 

  10am – Dhuhr Asr – Maghrib Maghrib – Isha
MONDAY   Qur’an Qur’an
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Zoom Details

Weekly study circle on Zoom and at the Townsville Mosque every Wednesday from Maghrib until Isha time.

Meeting ID: 240 240 3578
Meeting Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2402403578 

What time is Jumu’ah khutbah and prayer?

Jumu’ah Prayer is every Friday from 1:00pm. The khutbah begins at 1:00pm and salah begins at 1:30pm. Khutbahs are delivered in Arabic and English on alternating weeks.

Where can I find halal meat in Townsville?

There are two Muslim owned and run businesses in Townsville that sell a range of halal meat products. They are: Care For All located at Shop C1A/272 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale, QLD 4814, and Sahra-KOOS Store located Shop 2/306 Elizabeth Street, Aitkenvale, QLD 4814.

Is there a women’s prayer area at the Townsville Mosque?

Yes, the women’s prayer area is upstairs.

Where can I park when I am visiting the Mosque?

There is parking onsite as well as along the street in front of the mosque.

What wudu/toilet facilities do you have at the Mosque?

We have outdoor wudu areas for men and women at the front and left side of the mosque, respectively. There is an additional men’s wudu area behind the mosque on the right side. Bathrooms for men and women are located behind the mosque.

When and where do your Eid prayers take place?

Our Eid prayers usually take place at Aitkenvale Park which is located behind the Aitkenvale Library. The dates are dependent on local and global moon sightings. This information is shared prior to each Eid via our Facebook page and WhatsApp groups. If you are unsure and would like confirmation, please contact us using one of the contact methods found on our website.

How can I learn more about Islam?

There are many resources available online and at the Townsville Mosque. For our curated list, please click the link below.

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